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Question: What shots are required for my immunization record and where do I go to complete my immunization ?

Answer:The shots required depends what you may have previously taken. A student may go to his/her own physician or may use any of the suggested facilities located on the Immunization Form

Question: Do I have to complete a background check/drug screen test as part of a program requirement to enter a healthcare or workplace facility?

Answer: Yes, all students and applicants must complete the background checks/drug screen test process as part of the program requirements.

Question: Why is background checks required?

Answer: Spartanburg Community College and the hospital have a duty to provide a safe and healthy environment. Mandating a background check/drug screen test requirements are one of the methods we use to ensure this for everyone.

Question: Will Spartanburg Community College or one of these facilities reimburse me for the cost of the background check/drug screen test?

Answer: No, the applicant must pay for this administrative cost.

Question: What if my drug screen test result shows a diluted test, will I have to repeat this test and pay again for the test?

Answer: Yes, if a test result is diluted, it will need to be repeated at the student's expense.

Question: If I do not continue in the program, is the cost of the background check/drug screen test refundable?

Answer: No, the background checks/drug screen test is non-refundable.

Question: How can I obtain a copy of the background check/drug screen test report?

Answer: As part of your FCRA Rights, a copy of your report will be emailed to the address you supplied during your background/drug testing registration, once results of your report are complete. Please contact at 888-324-3251 to obtain a copy of your background check and drug test results if you have not received it.

Question: Who do I contact for support using this web site?

Answer: at or toll-free at 888-324-3251.

Question: Why do I have to get a background check/drug screen test?

Answer: Since 2004, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations (JCAHO) has required that students participating in clinical internship programs undergo the same background check/drug screen tests as hospital staff and volunteers. Although not all hospitals or other clinical settings seek JCAHO accreditation, the vast majority have found that instituting a background check/drug screen test program helps ensure the safety and well being of patients, students, and all other professional personnel.

Question: How do I apply for my background check/drug screen test?

Answer: CollegeScreen has designed an exclusive background check/drug screen test web site for your college where you may apply for your background check on-line. Simply go to start now link and follow directions. After the application is completed, you may pay via credit card, money order, or voucher.

Question:I want to pay with my debit card. Am I able to do this?

Answer: Yes, If your debit card also functions as a credit card, you may use it to pay for your background check/drug screen test.

Question: I don't want to put my credit card information on the Internet. Do I have to pay using a credit card?

Answer: No, a credit card payment is not required. If you choose, you can submit a payment via money order, or voucher. Select the money order option on the web site, and mail your money order and a copy of the confirmation page. If your payment is by voucher, contact us at 888-324-3251. We will begin your background checks/drug screen test as soon as CollegeScreen receive payment.

*Please note: that CollegeScreen takes all possible pre-cautions to keep our web site and your information-completely safe and secure. We use a very strong up to SSL encryption and dual firewalls with active intrusion monitoring to guard against unauthorized intrusions into the system.

Question: Does CollegeScreen make any decisions related to my program admissions?

Answer: CollegeScreen is a third party reporting agency, and can only provide information to your college or clinical site. We do not assist with admission decisions. Admission decisions are made according to the guidelines of your program or institution.

Question: My college says that I am flagged/there is a problem with my background check/drug screen test. Can clear me for clinical?

Answer: No, as a third party reporting agency, CollegeScreen only provides information to your college, and cannot clear criminal or other records. We are always willing to answer any questions you may have about your completed report, and, should you wish to make changes to your record, can help you contact the appropriate court, credit bureau, or other agency.

Question: Why haven't I gotten my copy of the background check/drug screen test?

Answer: We send student copies on an ongoing basis electronically via email, and you should generally receive a copy of your report once completed within 72 hours.

Tip:Something to keep in mind is that email services with multiple spam filters, such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook, can send our reports to your bulk/junk files so always look for your report there as well as your main inbox.

Question:I did a background check/drug screen test last year; can I still receive a copy or have it sent to my college?

Answer: Yes, we archive all reports indefinitely, and will be able to send you or your college a copy of the report.

Question: Where do I go for my drug test?

Answer: provides a list of approved drug testing sites on this website.  click here to view the list to these sites.

Question: Another name appeared on my Social Security Number Trace;  am I a victim of identity theft?

Answer: This is a surprisingly common occurrence, and does not necessarily indicate identity theft. Generally, it is the result of a typographical error. When someone applies for credit, their Social Security Number and other personal identifiers are reported to the credit bureaus. If the Social Security Number is reported incorrectly, that number, along with the name, date of birth, and address records attached to it, will erroneously appear on another person's report.

TIP: Also, if you have filed for joint credit with a spouse, parent, or other relative, it is possible that their name will appear on your Social Security Trace by accident.

If you do suspect identity theft, contact one of the three main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion for a free copy of your credit report. The credit bureau will be able to place a fraud alert on your record and assist you in correcting your credit history and proper address history if needed.

Question: Why do I need to consent to the Electronic Disclosure and Release form during the ordering process?

Answer: The Electronic Disclosure and Release form provides your consent to conduct the criminal background check and drug screening  test. Often employers, colleges, or court records repositories will not release information to without proof of consent.

Question: Can I contact you if I have any questions?

Answer: Of course, and we highly encourage it. Our Customer Service team is available to answer your questions between 7AM-6PM Central Standard Time. Contact Us.


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